Our Club offer membership benefits to all our riders and mentors, from the very first ride you start adding points to your card that can be used for future rides and merchandise or can be transferred to your ridding buddies, you can add more points by creating your own private group for any ride or a tailor made ride that we’ll design for you according to your wishes, we create spectacular routes where you will find the real adventurous experience that will challenge your skills and cultural understanding, the personal growth is the main reason WHY we Ride.

Nepal has to offer more than 70% of the Himalayas and the richness in the culture and history is incomparable, with more than 103 different ethnic groups and a melting point for Hinduism, Buddhism and Old Chamanism the country has to offer more than just amazing landscapes.

  1. Ride- membership and merchandise
  2. Ride-20% off in any ride and merchandise
  3. Ride-50% off in any ride and merchandise
  4. Ride-75% off in any ride and merchandise
  5. Ride-100% off in any ride and merchandise


For Members that can manage to create their own group of 5 riders+ they can come for free or transfer their points to other prospect member.