Nepal is not a poor country, is a underdeveloped one, but the image of barefoot children that actually have a better life than western children as they are not addicted to the Social Media is being used by countless ONG’s  to manipulate the emotions of possible donors, the situation has to be understood at a local level not from a western perspective, the Tourist Industry has affected the way remote villages see their own life, they started adopting western traditions as a way to emulate a better way of life that actually they don’t understand.

We FOCUS in work and actions that benefit the local communities by helping them to preserve their own Traditions and WAY of LIFE, the picture of the child barefoot and wearing rags is being USED to promote the image of a poor Nepal by manipulative minds that actually only think in profit, WATER, SCHOOLS, MEDICAL CENTERS etc…are being helped in the wrong way..the knowledge of how life is being lived in Nepal for centuries is the secret to really be able to HELP and SUPPORT Local Communities.

We Focus IN

1.Developing Cultural Centers to help local communities to preserve their own culture.

2. We do Workshops were we explain the risks of adopting certain concepts of the West.

3. We help them to wear their own traditional clothing and gear as it has much more better quality.that is WHY the Children always look poor as they use low quality western clothing in a way to emulate the West

4. We scout the area and understand if the WATER quality is good or not, as the best mountain water can’t be imitated by a filter, if is needed we build a organic water filter in a 1000 liters tank.

5. In the School we introduce a new class that is totally related to the local culture and promotes the learning of the local dialect, handicrafts, clothing and anything else related to their own culture, in this way we make them understand their own richness and get rid of the inferiority complex created by the western influence, we make them feel proud of their own and regain their dignity.

6. We explain them HOW certain ONG’S  use the image of their children to manipulate possible donors and make them aware they are being used so they can reject them and confront them.

7. We deeply understand the local situation, speak with the local village leader and ask them what they need, if is electricity, we use local water sources to build  a small turbine, or a wind turbine, or a solar power station, we check the local Medical Center and provide them with what they need.

8. We EDUCATE the possible donors in the understanding of the local way of life so they actually stop seeing Nepal like a poor country, this will help themselves to NOT being USED by other ONG’s of Tour Companies that are doing exactly that…using the image of Nepal and Local Children to make a profit from both sides, donors and tours by spending a very little amount of the money collected.

In Final words we ONLY Do what they need and will actually benefit them in all the ways, not just material but to make them understand the richness of their own cultures and life..


The Eternal and Holy Kingdom of the Himalayas.