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Who Are We?

Driven by a desire to share their love of adventure and Nepal with others, Bijay, Raju, and Ravin joined forces to create Ride & Dare. Based in Pokhara, Nepal, surrounded by the majestic and formidable Annapurna Mountain Range they have skillfully and strategically created motorbike adventures for both novices and experienced riders.

What We Believe:

We believe in Responsible Tourism and are actively involved in different activities to help the local economy as well as to protect the ecosystem of the Himalayas. It is our hope that Ride & Dare will continue to contribute and improve the economic status of villagers.  We aren’t simply tour guides, we are Nepali.

Team members:

  • Bijay Lamichhane: Trip manager
  • Raju Archarya: Motorbike ride captain
  • Ravin Dhakal: Motorbike ride captain
  • Ashok Thakur: Mechanic
  • Sushil Bhujel: Mechanic
  • Sajid khan: Mechanic